Gifts, Valentine’s Day and Love: Understanding the Widespread Controversy

is Valentines day about love, the hype or gifts? Are we actually celebrating valentine in the true spirit of love or have we forgotten what love and gift sharing means?

My 2020 reflections

You're not alone Guys, if you see this, read slowly. I've suffered so much this year that it hurts badly. As expected, it shall pass. How I appear so tranquil in all of these makes...
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What is the value of the Nigerian life

In the last eight years, 23,000 Nigerians have been reported missing┬╣. Every day the reality of being a Nigerian weigh heavy on us, the poor. Our citizenship is a living nightmare┬▓. Unsurprisingly, we're back here...
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How to Become a Nigeria Politician

Being a Nigerian politician comes with a whole lot of informalities that we need to learn so as to unlearn. Find out what they are...

Self Discovery: A Frustratingly Never Ending Road

This is the rant of a man who seems to be lost on the journey to self discovery. We all remember he joy of celebrating our birthdays but the inner turmol that nobody sees on the journey of self discovery is more than this post can cover.
Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

On Nigerian Tourism: Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

Tourism in Nigeria looks like an inexistent subject with the so many happenenings around. People tend to forget the need to unwind or are unaware of thebeautiful spots for tourism. Let this post remind you of tourism in Nigeria

Where Dreams Are Made

In a nation like Nigeria, where all you see is bad to worst, there is a need to understand how the people keep hope alive. Read more to find out...

It’s a Man’s world: Gender Discrimination

The magnitude of the expectations the female gender live with is overwhelming. They either fall in line or become the object of so many tauntings from he sociey. Read more to understand the extent of the pain.
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The Society is ill and we know it

Truly, Nigeria will celebrate her independence soon. However, can we truly say this is the Nigeria we want?It is sad to realise that we have all become accustomed to keep quiet. Reading the someones pain might be your wake up call.

The hidden realities of teenage pregnancy

It is sad to realise that the mistakes our teenagers are making will be responsible for the future we would see. be aware of a possible scenario by reading through.