domestic abuse victims

Domestic Abuse: 5 eye-opening reasons why Domestic abuse victims stay

1 in 3 women (30%) of women worldwide have been subjected to either physical and/or sexual abuse in their lifetime. The majority of this abuse is intimate partner violence. Have you wondered why domestic...
breaking the bias

International Women’s Day IWD 2022: Breaking the Bias

March 8 is another day to celebrate international women’s day. The theme for IWD 2022 is breaking the bias...

3 Important choice definers you don’t pay attention to!

Are at a cross-road and you are wondering the best way to make an objective choice? Read more....

Gifts, Valentine’s Day and Love: Understanding the Widespread Controversy

is Valentines day about love, the hype or gifts? Are we actually celebrating valentine in the true spirit of love or have we forgotten what love and gift sharing means?
Your decision to take a job or career

Job Versus Career: The Thin Line

At some point, you have to pick what you would to earn money. A career or a job, its totally up to you. You can only make an informed decision after weighing the pros and cons of both.

My 2021 in retrospect: the good, bad and ugly

After taking a deep thought into the events of the year, it's only appropriate to keep records. Join me as a give a sneak peek into my wins and struggle in the year 2021
How to identify a paedophile

How To Identify A Paedophile

This informative article will explain in detail how to identify a paedophile and how to keep your children from them. If you want to know how to identify a paedophile, then you need to...

Nigerian Lifestyle: Most Used Smartphone In Nigeria

  Nigeria is one of the most advanced countries in Africa, currently over 200 million people living in the country, and 172 million own at least one smartphone and have access to the internet, as...

Nigerian Lifestyle: Must-Have Food Items For Nigerian University Students

  Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students lifestyle is completely different from students from other countries on the planet, even African countries, one of the special things are the popular foods among Nigerian university students that...

Nigerian Lifestyle: Popular Nigerian Native Attire Styles

  Africa is the home of art and culture and Nigeria is one of the key players, there are several native attires style in Nigeria, most of these attires has been in existence for hundreds...