*…Mountains are there to climb..*

”Not all mountains have to be moved in other to catch an overwhelming view at it top”

It is said that if you want to go far in life you must be ready to see far. What we can see is not all that there is. Every human being on this planet earth desires a comfortable life of success and accomplishments. But there will never have been a success without failure, nor faith without fear, appointment without disappointment, freedom without bondage. Without one there is no other.

It is evident that we live in a pervert generation where we care more or less about ourselves. Everyone seems busy with their respective call to duty. And to make matter worse our leaders and even the society at large expose our lives and believes to shackles of convention.

Discouragement among other self defeating mindset becomes the call of the day, while potentials die unused. This so called reality exalt itself like a mountain before us to obstruct our sight from beholding the lime light. The hunger for relevancy as been successful replaced with excuses. Graduates are not set for the next interview, a musician is scared to drop his next song, young folks feel discouraged to build on their new ideas and innovations.
Every personality in this play see a mountain at a point in taking a step further.
Here is what you need to know ”there is no mountain anywhere other than the construction of your mind”

How you see a problem is the real problem.

You must develop a positive mindset and never give up on yourself irrespective of the circumstance. Someone out there as once been faced with your kind of situation and triumph at the midst of it. This is to say ”every mountain is surmountable”.

Every challenges or say mountain find it placed so as to be a stepping stone to a next level. Without mountain to climb or challenges to overcome there won’t be celebration or accomplishments.

Gather your inner energy coupled with faith and reach forward to your goal. Face your mountain and climb it.

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