Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort
The entrance

Few weeks ago, I was at the Ikogosi warm Springs, Ekiti state.

Moments were so sensational, from the two hundred years old trees to the three meeting points of ; the warm and cold water spring to the cold and colder, warm and warmer…

Ikogosi warm spring
meeting point of warm and warmer

Therapeutic!!! I must say.

When I got to know I would be visiting Ekiti state for the first time, the only state in South- west as at then I was yet to visit, I was elated. A quick search on Google revealed to me, the tourist centers the state boasts of. I got excited by its prospects.

I was able to round up my dealings at the capital, Ado – Ekiti, so I had much time left to feed my eyes, soul and body.

Left Ado ekiti for ikogosi on September 17. Took a free bus to the central part of Ado Ekiti otherwise referred to as the garage. Were they mistaken??? I mean I was surprised at the thought of a free bus. Turned out there are free buses to some parts of the town in Ekiti. Never been into one before, so thanks to Ekiti.

From the garage, I was to head to Ilawe – Ekiti where I’d get a bike heading towards Ikogosi. On my way to Ilawe, I met a young damsel, we had a lot of conversations together before she highlighted suddenly. LMAO!!.  We exchanged phone numbers but unfortunately, to this day , we’re yet to converse. Story of my life.

At Ilawe , I took a bike to Ikogosi ..no commercial bus/car. A 35km journey. omo. The conversations I had with the cyclist in transit made me insecure as we headed towards  the thick vegetation. Google map says 25km or so but no one was aware of my journey. I had to call my Friend, Tobi 8kg then, make them no kidnap mandem.

LMAO. Persin wey go become Governor no go die nau. Abi?

At last, I arrived at the Ikogosi warm spring. I paid #500 to access its facilities. 50m into the tourist centre, I got to the twin swimming pool area,there is the warm pool and the cool pool .. all natural ! Wow.

Ikogosi warm springs
Mixture of warm and cold pool

Connected with my tour guide, Mrs Adeyeye who took me on.


Ikogosi warm spring has three(3) meeting points of ; the warm and cold water, the cold and colder, the warm and warmer. The cold and colder are said to be therapeutic, cleansing and medicinal. It cures malaria, typhoid and all. I was told people far and near come to get it. I could testify as I saw some..

Ikogodi Warm Spring Resorts
where the cold meets the colder

The colder water is acclaimed to cure eyes defect admist all. What a show ! Environment looks spiritual. Serene also. Flowing abreast the warm spring is another cold spring which meets the warm spring at a confluence, each maintaining its thermal properties. Research suggested that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70°c at the source and 37°c at the confluence -(wikipedia)

Mehn, It was surreal. Omo !

There are also the centuries old trees.The gigantic trees are said to be around 200 hundred years old or more. Wtf !

Ikogosi warm springs resort
200 years old trees

Mrs Adeyeye was very helpful.

A quick look at her , I knew she was all that, yunno, …Patience, understanding, knowledgeable, warmly , homely ( I was comfortable around her). Oh! She loves her job. She lamented about the low turn out of people to the site, the lodge has not been itself since inception…Lodge is isolated already.

Lmao. “Must be the economy,”  I told her.

I mean, when you look at the inflation rate in goods and services around the world, will tourism be next thing on your mind ?

No be to chop and sleep? Lol.

I must confess, the staff are very attentive, considerate and welcoming. Almost collected everyone’s contact. I so much enjoyed their company. Never wanted to leave ! Nevertheless, the tourist centre is below par but on comparison with other ones. I’d say its averagely maintained unlike the previous ones I had visited.

Thanks for reading. You can check out the video

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