Written by Sharon Ifepariola Adegboye.

When you are in a company and you get reached out to by another company to decamp, here are some reasons why you were approached

1. You are soooo good:

yes there are UNETHICAL companies springing up left, right and center who only knows how to play dirty because of the mindset of those leading, they don’t know how to start a business with integrity so they go after leaders in other companies, they have a ponzi mindset, they want to hit it big by robbing other organisations… even though there are great leaders yet to join a network marketing company that they can go after, they target leaders currently building somewhere.

Are you being targeted? It could be because you are good and while this is an ego booster, ask yourself a question….am I the best? Did they go after the best? If no, why did they come after me? This leads us to the next possible reasons

2. They sensed your disloyalty:

Yea, it will be hard for anyone to go to Bishop Abioye to poach him from winners because he is super clear with his stand, everyone knows he’s loyal to the core.

3. They sensed your greed and ingratitude:

If this is the reason you were approached, this is a major life SOS…..drop whatever you are doing now and focus on becoming a better person, if you are known as disloyal and easy…this is not a good branding for you as a business owner…the Bible says he that he will spew out those neither hot or cold because he is a God who wants people to take a stand.

The reason why they will think someone who has spent years building a business will dump it is because they probably studied and saw that there’s an atom of greed or ingratitude so they see you as an easy target.

You will forget all you got and run after a promise of better, you will forget all that toiled with you for years and abandon them to go elsewhere, they understand you to be non-ethical meaning they know you can pick up the phone just like them and start calling people to move elsewhere

If this is the reason they reached you, kai this is a destiny SOS because no one can fulfil destiny this way, you need to stop and think…..will I go for the immediate gratification or will I focus on destiny instead? Will I soil my integrity and name spoiling a company that fed me and my family for years or will I take a stand with a company that has taken me from low to high?

4. Your business isn’t doing well:

They sensed your business is going through trying times and they see you as an easy prey, they know you are in a vulnerable place so they reach you….

If this is why you were reached, hmmm …I personally will be so mad if this is why I was reached because it means they see me as a runner, someone who runs from challenges, they see me as someone who was lucky and can’t rebuild what I built so I would rather run thinking a new company is the solution….

These are 4 reasons you as a current business builder in a company will be poached by another company to come join them

Ask yourself, which of these reasons is good enough? Is this how I want to be seen? Is it okay to be seen this way? Do they really respect me seeing me this way?

Ask yourself questions and answer in honesty…questions are the answer

At the end, the foundation is always a determinant of how big a building can be or how long it will last….think future

As written by Sharon Ifepariola Adegboye.

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