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If you think deeply about the curent situation of Nigeria, you would be moved to tears!

A while ago, I was sitting at a park of one of the busiest cities in Africa. It was an eye-opening moment for me. I saw things as well as people. People whose lives are humbled, people whose lives were made; some laughing and some with their head held high. Additionally, there were focused ones who intend to give everything it takes to change the narrative, with head so focused and full of hope. Nevertheless, there were those who had lost it already.

Lost what? Hope

They have admitted defeat, looking depressed and beaten at their games. To them, life is so difficult and of no good. Must life be profitable? Most, if not everything in life is attached to money. Money is a life of it’s own. It has its own body, soul and everything like us humans. I as an individual imagine money like us, sitting somewhere pretty looking at us running a rat race to grab it. I imagined it looking at us raving mad just to have a taste of it.

When you put in the required time and efforts, things are bound to change. When you don’t, you are already living in the future. The difference is really the time, the energy, the persistence, the perseverance given to success. Do you imagine yourself living an unfulfilled life ?

What is life to you ?


People are going through some dark phases. It’s lonely and understandably boring at the moment. It really hit me that people are already dying twice on earth when it’s ought to be once. @ehn_tee on twitter wrote the underneath poem I’m sharing, kindly goes through it.

They say Nigerians endure,

Say we get tough skin,

Say suffering no dey tire us,

It’s a lie though.

I’m tired.

A bit more than I was yesterday,

A little less than I’ll be tomorrow,

Make the day just end,

Eko ti baje already.


It’s the land of opportunity, they said: “The Megacity”. Everyone who comes here makes it in life, no matter how long it takes. I wish they knew how long, ‘long’ is. My sincerest wish is that they really know.

As regards the growth of the country, Nigeria all I have to say is written below:

Sadly, Nigeria is a child. When a child stops growing, you should be worried. We ought to do everything ‘right ‘ to facilitate her¬† growth(stunted now) . She is overwhelmed by her unbalanced diet (corruption, injustice, insurgency , bad governance,tribalism et al) . It’s tiresome. We need to demand accountabilities.

Nigeria is a child.

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