In recent times achieving a flawless and classy makeup look is on every lady’s to do list. As important as a classy and flawless makeup look seems to be, it is saddening that a lot of ladies gets the core concept of this art wrong.

This post addresses how to achieve a flawless and classy makeup look. These tips include:

1. Use original

It is not news that the market is highly saturated with a lot of fake products. Using fake products does not give you the effect you want. Fake product is actually a total waste of money and space in your collection.

Fake is not original, don’t expect a flawless look with fake makeup.

2. Don’t forget skincare

Skincare is the foundation to an absolutely flawless and classy look. Your makeup will only look flawless when the base (your skin) is properly taken care of by a proper skincare routine.

3. Use the correct shade

When applying your makeup always use the correct shade for your skin colour. If you are in doubt about your skin shade, consult an expert on the topic for guidance. Using the right product shade helps you to avoid discolouration between your face and other parts of your body.

The right shade of product is a game changer.

4. Consider your skin type

There are different skin types which include: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin (skin with two or more of the aforementioned skin types). When purchasing a makeup product your skin type should always be put into consideration. For example, a dry skinned individual cannot be using products meant for oily skinned individuals and expect a flawless look.

5. Know your colours

In your bid to create a flawless and classy look always consider the colours of the eyeshadow, lipstick and blush you use to complete your overall look. If you don’t plan to look like a clown after putting in so much effort, then always use colours that accentuate your best features.

6. Application is everything

The manner and tool used during makeup application are of grave importance in achieving a flawless and classy makeup look. Every type of makeup product has an appropriate application method and tool. For a cream-based product application, a beauty blender does the blending without stress while a powder-based product will always look flawless with a brush.

7. Less is more

Don’t be deceived into believing applying too much of a product gives you a classy or flawless makeup look. Using too much of a makeup product affects its ability to blend into your skin properly resulting in a cakey finished look.

Do you really want a flawless and classy makeup look then less is truly more.

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