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Finding a date will of course happen outside your room or house. Therefore, if you really want to find a date, you should start considering stepping out of the house and acting as if you are going to a market, cheeky right? The big question of where to find a date still needs to be answered.

The place you find a date could also contribute to whether your relationship would fail or not. You should our post on why relationships fail in the long run.

Top 10 places to find a date

The list of places to find a date is endless. We have carefully selected the top 10 places to find a date that you would enjoy. Over time, it has become evident to find a date in these locations:

1. Religious places.

2. Parks

3. Vacation

4. Tourism centres

5. Beaches

6. Restaurants

7. Ceremonies

8.  Dating sites

9. Workplace

10. Nights out.

Let’s talk more about these locations. Generally, it is safe to say that a dating partner is easy to find in a place where there are a lot of people and flux, in places where there are few people, there will also be limited options.

1. Religious place:

Your mosque, church or temple is a good place to find a partner. You will most likely find someone who has the same beliefs and convictions and if you are lucky, you might someone that exhibits your character, that’s cute isn’t it.

2. Parks:

Whether an amusement park, national park or a wildlife park, you could meet a date there. Your date could be an animal lover or just the fun type. Somewhere like a park will make you meet a lot of people, you have to be open, not cheap though, in a park, you would have fun and might as well go home with a new partner.

3. Vacation:

A vacation could last for weeks or months. When you go on a vacation you meet new people, the vacation, of course, is outside your city or country, a lot of people might have left their homes just like you and you are just sure to meet new people on a vacation.

4. Tourism Centres:

As you are attracted to a special place in a tourism centre, so are other people. In fact, a tourism center is a place where people could have their date but don’t be too bothered by that because singles will also be present and there is your shot at find a date.

5. Beaches:

People love a serene environment where they can free their minds, think things through and have fun. In case you are this kind of person, the beach is just the perfect place for you. On a beach, you would meet people of your kind and then you could ignite a relationship.

6. Restaurants:

In a place to wine and dine, you could also find a date, especially when your potential date is alone at the table, that’s a perfect opportunity to start a conversation. Meeting your partner in a restaurant will give you afore idea of what your partner likes to eat.

7. Ceremonies:

Of course, when it is called a ceremony, people are gathered, and a date is easier to find where there are people right? A wedding event is a very good place to find a date as the atmosphere is soft and filled with love and affection.

8. Dating sites:

Dating sites are so rampant in our world today, we have a lot of them ranging from secular ones to religious ones. We have a lot of them like OkCupid, Eharmony, Zoosk, Match and many more. A survey conducted by Zoosk shows that 34% of first messages are sent during spring with words like “beach”, and “picnic”, remember we talked about a beach as a good place to find a date. Some countries have over 1000+ dating sites in operation, this goes to show you how many dating sites we have out there today but the question remains, can dating sites be trusted?

Can Dating Sites Be Trusted?

A dating site is a nice place to find a partner but it has many shortcomings as it is not physical. Having a physical relationship is much better, in a physical relationship your partner will be with you and understand your feelings much better than in an on-air relationship.

Also, dating sites could expose you to unwanted sexual messages, demand nude photos from your partner, waste time and resources, date a fake person or in the worst-case scenario fall into the grip of an internet fraudster. If you by chance become a victim of these circumstances it could cost you psychologically and emotionally. Dating sites in itself isn’t a bad idea but because of the perverse world we are in, people often misuse things.

You just have to play safe.

9. Workplace:

Somewhere you go every day isn’t a bad place to find a date. You must have studied and become conversant with your co-workers’ behavioural patterns. You get an incentive for dating someone in your workplace because you will get to see each other every day.

10. Nights out:

You could go out with your friends on some days to unwind from the stress of the formal world, there is a possibility that there is someone like you who has just come to relax too. The cool breeze of the evening is a perfect condition to kick start something beautiful.

How To Approach A Potential Date

1. Be Composed:

Try to be as composed as possible. Nobody likes a jittery person. Moreover, you want your first impression of yourself on your date to be confident.

2. Be Courteous

Exhibit courtesy, start with a greeting. A greeting breaks the ice and helps you to capture the attention of the person you are trying to talk to. Forget everything they tell you online, nothing trumps being courteous to another person.

3. Ask For Permission

I know that you are on a mission to find a date, but there is absolutely no need to rush it that you forget to be courteous. It is important to ask questions like “CAN I JOIN IN?” or “ARE YOU ALONE HERE?”, especially when they are in a group. You don’t want to give your potential date the idea that you are rude or overbearing.

4. Be Straightforward

Be upfront with your feelings you don’t want to present yourself as a coward. You already know what you want, don’t waste any time after getting the attention of your potential date. Go straight to the point.

The response is either a yes or no right?

5. Prepare to be rejected

Be ready to be rejected. It is not unheard of for someone to decline a date. In my opinion, if someone tells you to know before things get too serious, it saves you the strength you would spend on trying to make a relationship.

6. Be ready to be shocked

Be ready to accept individual differences if in a conventional area like a tourism center where you don’t know anything about your potential partner.

7. Ask for a dance

You could attempt to dance with your potential partner if there is music. You never know if you would get a dance or not until you dance. In a case where your potential date is with a group of friends, this tactic would give you the opportunity to make your intentions known without the scrutiny of others.

8. Be ready to be declined

Don’t lash out angrily in case your attempt is not successful, you could acquire your potential date’s contact and try again some other time or better still move on. You can’t force someone to reciprocate what you feel for them.

Everyone deserves to be happy in their relationship, and so do you. Choose wisely. Have fun in your relationship. Wishing you great luck as you find a date.

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