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Today, I write from a pained heart, I’d want you to follow to the end

As we have normalize injustice with the burying of our sensitiveness and consciousness, I’m here to remind you that the injustice and the evil will go round.

Our ‘unlookness’ has crept in to become part of us. This depicts how insane the community has become or should I say becoming.

Look at how a Governor was grounded by hundreds of policemen few hours ago,the injustice he practiced, encouraged and took part in as a lawyer. Nevertheless, as a Governor, his actions would go round if it has not caught up with him already.

Our people ought to see beyond the paltry sums being distributed at the eves of elections. The people need to be enlightened, we need to speak for ourselves collectively in one voice. It is time to understand that in unity, we can bring our demands into reality. The people needs to see beyond our differences. I’m not admonishing that we should ignore but I pray we would understand them. Only by understanding can we grow.

While making a journey today , A driver as opposed to carrying three people on a seat decided to make it four. This is against our comfort as passengers ,the Covid -19 guidelines but we the passengers save me chose to ignore.

I continued to voice out my opinion in a constructive manner to which the driver’s reaction was unacceptable but the people I was fighting for chose to ignore my rants. They didn’t add their voices to mine. I was the youngest in the vehicle. They are built to adapt.

We’re built to survive admist stepping on our rights.

The driver said something to my hearing which was my aim of writing this ‘ as you dey complain if people join you, wahala don happen be that ‘ that’s it… these things make me weak. I mean, mentally weak like Lagos traffic.

Look around you. What do you see ?

No infrastructures; poor electricity distribution, poor healthcare, bad state of roads, high unemployment rates, low GDP, high crime rates (Terrorism, bandits, kidnappers , robbers..) yet again bad PR. Too much of a burden for a country that doesn’t have a blueprint.

Nothing to show for it yet we adapt. The nation is handicapped. The nation is still a child, a stunted one at that. Void of nutrients as a plant, void of proteins as an animal. Yet, we’d try surviving with hope to live one day. Other than live, People leave. They leave in both circumstances. They leave for a better country (sane climate) or they leave (died) eternally.

Most people understand the roles unity plays. Not a fan of the #Revolutionnow movement but I observe that once they stage a protest in their hundreds, the government are quick to neutralise them by jailing some , beating some to discourage others. They understand that if they are not controlled now , by the time the people troops in their thousands, they lose.

Someone said ‘ they’ve not seen a working system or yet to come across one ‘ I felt that.

Nigeria would be 60(sixty) in a matter of weeks.

What can the young folks do to effect change in this generation?

Great oracles said ” they cant do much other than to stay informed and enlighten others, by educating others, with hope that we would have a nation someday ! “

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