It is only fitting that at a point in your life you consider sharing your life with another special person. Human beings are social beings: we cannot live our lives without associating with people. However, those people you choose to share your life with should not be people that make your life a living hell. Just because you are interested in dating, does not mean you should stay with such a person even when it is obvious that such a person is not worth a second of your time.

Saying no to dating someone is not the end of the world.

The reasons people say yes to people they should have no business talking with not to talk of having a relationship is as a result of varying reasons. Have you ever wondered if you are even in the right place to be dating? If we do not understand the source of the problem, you might find it difficult to understand the solution. The truth is we all have someone who is about to make a decision about dating someone when you already have an idea that the relationship is doomed to fail.

The reasons include but are not limited to following:

Peer pressure

One the common reason people get involved in dating when they are not really ready is because of peer pressure. Just because your peers are doing something does not mean it is right for you. Not all of us are emotionally equipped to handle the emotional strain that comes with a relationship. This is not a function of how old you are. You have to be emotionally stable to handle someone else’s emotions. You cannot just look at your peers and think that you are ripe for a relationship.

The moment the reason you are considering a relationship is for the sole reason of what your peers think, then you have no business going into that relationship in the first place.


There are people who become emotionally attached to someone just because they are lonely. If you are lonely, it is only right that you find a way to make yourself happy. Your loneliness is not a reason to jump into a relationship. It is unfair to both you and the other individual. The truth is if you are in a relationship just because you think the other person will help you overcome the loneliness, you are in for a big surprise.

You know why, the only person you can count on is yourself.


I will not deceive you and say money doesn’t matter. I know where you are coming from if you enter a relation for the sole purpose of making money. Nevertheless, you should know that getting money from a relationship is not the way to go. The truth is if you have any respect for yourself and a fellow human being, it is important that turning someone else to your money making machine is not fair on you or anybody. It is just another sign that the relationship is about to fail. What if money is out of the equation, Or the other person realizes that he/she is only being used? Is that really how you plan to spend your life?

You cannot put all your financial problems on someone else. When do you plan to begin to take responsibility for yourself? Another person will not keep doing that for you, you know.

Low self-esteem

Most of our decisions reflect our self-esteem. Your self-esteem, how you see yourself, is a great gift you should never lose. When you have lost your self-esteem, you begin to perceive yourself as worthless. This makes it easy to allow people march over you because you think you are not enough. Do not let your low self worth be the reason someone else treats you like a rag. Improve your self-esteem and you would begin to see that the relationship that you thought was the best thing that you could have done is not even right for you.

As I earlier said, this article only summarized few reasons why you are finding it difficult to say no to a relationship that you have no business agreeing to in the first place. After finding out which of the reason is yours, it is only appropriate to work on the problem.

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