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I feel for the female gender.                         

If at 30 years old, you are yet to be engaged ( in a serious relationship) or married, the society will insidiously mount pressure physically, emotionally and mentally on you. The subtle whispers , the lousy awareness, the emotional trauma , the mental subjugations. Ladies are often caught up in making some bigger decisions. Caught between chasing the career of their dreams and settling down for marriage.

Abi? They said “we would all end up in kitchen? ” So be it.

The women endure abusive relationships with the other gender having been promised marriage from the onset. They pass through emotional trauma so as to fulfill and meet up to the standard the society decided for them. In most cases, a lot. There is a way that’s expected of them to be dressed else they’ll be termed ‘ sexual appealing  or ‘sex objects ‘, there is a timeframe for them to walk and work.

‘You sef!! what are you doing here at this ungodly hour?’.

A random he-goat can just grab a lady’s breast or buttocks because he’s enticed!!! I promise you these are facts. When you’re more than the bench mark age for marriage ( 30 years ), you’re reminded constantly of your declining biological years, then in the quest to satisfy the society, you marry wrongly….into the waiting hands of a drunkard, an abuser. Then, you live the remaining years of your life out in an unfortunate arrangement termed ‘marriage’.

Here, the earth is not a safe haven for women……even in marriage.

“Where are your children? I told you, she is barren. She is a dog !”, says the mother in law (a woman). The parental system in Nigeria has been fashioned in such a way to pressure their offspring into going against their wishes.

The results?……Broken marriage.

With each day, toxic people emanate, broken people fall- out, frustrated people increase, domestic violence increases, suicides rate increase… all over the world. These things aren’t working. What to do?

Understand yourself as a member of the female gender, know what works for you,walk and work your pace and guide your space.

A sneak into tomorrow. Consequently, irrespective of gender people should be taught behavioral intelligence and sexual orientation/education.

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