Did you think it’s a good idea to employ your family or friends? What if I tell you that it is wrong to hire your relatives, some young entrepreneur end up blaming themselves after employing their relatives, at first they think it’s good ideas before things change to bad for them. If you want to know why you should never employ your family or friends, then you need to read this article to the end.


Why You Should Not Employ Your Family Or Friends



Your friends or family may not obey your instructions or business rules and regulations because they know you can’t do anything serious, so they do whatever they like, this will affect your business negatively especially when they misbehave to your customers or disobey the association or government policies, which can destroy your brand name.

Emotion Will Be Involved

You will give them VIP treatment, no matter how hard you try not to, especially if they are qualified for the position they occupied in the company, you may lost your key workers immediately after they notice your special treatment.

They Will Demand Extra Freedoms

They may demand extra freedom and special or VIP treatment because they are your relatives, they won’t see themselves as worker like other staff in your company, in most cases, they may demand higher salary from you.


They May Not Qualify

Don’t try to help your friends or family by hiring them, give them money if you want to help them. It is very important to hire experienced and qualify people to manage your business, if you want to succeed, it is dangerous to employ your friends or family who has little or no experience.

They can run your business down especially if they occupied major position in the company.


Others Workers Opinion

The opinion of other workers in your company also matters even though you are the founder or CEO, it won’t go down well with them, when your family or friends came from no where to occupy one of the major position in the company with experience, even they put them in low position they won’t be happy about it because they will always think that you will be giving him or her a VIP treatment.

Did You Know Your Friends Or Family When It Comes To Business Or Money

Money is an amplifier, it show who you really are as a person, you get to know your family and friends more better when money is involved in your relationship, some might stole your company money because they know you can’t fire them or arrest them .


Poor Work

Your family or friends may likely to deliver poor work because he or she may not be qualified for the position, likewise he or she knows you can’t do anything serious, so there will be no improvement in the work even after going through the necessary training. The result of their poor work will affect your business and will reduce the value of your company if care is not taking.