How to have a healthy and glowing skin


The skin is the body’s largest organ that covers the entire body. It serves as a project shield against heat, light and injury. The skin protects, regulates but wounding it affects all it’s function. Now, Talking about skin care, the first word that comes to mind is ‘dashing’ which universally ranks top of the list. In pursuit of a brighter and more beautiful complexion, these tips are needed in order to execute that. Here are the tips on how to have a more radiant skin colour of which are mostly natural steps.

• Stay active: Exercise really helps because it increases blood flow throughout the body, thereby bringing nutrients, oxygen and radiance to the skin. So, working out leads to a radiant skin.
• Stay hydrated: Water is life. You cannot do without water. Drinking water is essential for your health and skin. Staying hydrated keeps your skin moisturized, healthy and dashing. It also, helps your body generally in a lot of ways so drink water!
• Avoid excessive greasy foods: Avoid sugary and greasy foods. This leads to speed up development of wrinkles so stay away from it. Avoiding them helps you in achieving your exact skin tone you desire.
• Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can protect against free radical damages that could cause tissue damage. Take supplements or eat foods that has vitamin C in it. Fruits like Guava, Orange, strawberries also helps in helping your skin glow.
• Apply Skin care products: Moisturizer is one key factor in having a glowing skin. Use it immediately after hopping out of your shower for fast results. Apply it daily on your face and body. Timing is important in skincare routines too.
It is not an easy journey but with this tips, you can be sure to see an excellent result.