Starting a business

How starting a business can make you rich|Amazonsclique

The journey to financial freedom is a personal journey. While there is more than one way to reach this destination, it is left to you to choose the proven way to get to this...

How To Be Successful In Life And Get What You Need

  It is everyone's dream to be successful in life, although all few people know what it takes to be successful in life, while very few individuals do what is needed to be successful in...


PROCRASTINATION implies putting things off purposefully or constantly OR experiencing difficulty convincing yourself to do the things you ought to do or might want to do. PROCRASTINATION is one of the primary obstructions hindering...

Mental Health Check: the Struggle before Success Mentality

Why do some people find it difficult to belive that the Struggle is not for everyone. Not every successful person would have gruesome stories. Their lack of this Gruesome stories does not invalidate their success.

The Mirage of Love and its Complications

Is marriage really worth dying for? The cycle of love that every woman has to deal with is sick. Read more on the complications of love and its vicious cycle.

A Beginners Guide on Insurance

Insurance can be an overwhelming subject. However, it is very importance to understand the nitty gritty of the subject. This post provides all yye information a beginner needs on insurance.

How Long Do You Plan to be a Lone-Wolf

It is not uncommon to want to become a lone-wolf after being heartbroken by peope you least expect. Read more to find out why this might not be the best decision.
how to find opportunities

How to find opportunities like a pro| amazons clique

It looks impossible to find opportunities even though everybody says opportunities are everywhere. Keep reading to find out how to find th opportunities you need.

The Wrong Reasons for Dating

Relationships are complicated and requires thoughtfulness. Albeit, entering a relationship for the wrong reasons sealsthe fate of the relationship before it started. Read to find out the wrong reasons.

The Secret Of Winners Exposed!!!

Everyday life throws challenges at us. Directly or indirectly, we are trying to overcome our challenges. Those who overcome are winners and they have secrets that help them win. Read more...