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Why do people immortalize suffering and pain? Why do they love the struggle-hustle story? What do they derive in being bitter towards a happy person? Why is it seen as an anomaly not to succumb to the struggle life?

Sometimes, I’m baffled at the way humans reason. After all, you struggled and found no joy in it, so why would you want another to taste the struggle life when the person can avoid it?. Another situation or anomaly to me is the issue of being bitter towards happy or successful people and the issue of invalidating people’s problems or struggles just because it isn’t like yours from your own perspective (the person no suffer reach you so he can’t relate what suffering is like) or because the struggles look mundane to you.

These mindsets are ruining our societies and they hinder growth and development in the long run. They block progress amongst friends, families and helpers because you are busy comparing struggles. The struggle mentality is poverty and slavery mindsets joined together and it is a menace. The invalidation mindset is a myopic one too and it affects relationships and delay progress.

Stop the struggle-hustle mentality. Not everyone will or must suffer before they make it in life. And just because they did not go through your own idea of stress and struggle doesn’t undermine or invalidate their own stress and struggles too. Stop being bitter, focus on being better at life without bitterness clouding your mind or mental health.



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