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On a lighter note, Grace must have been so disappointed in me. In March 12, I agreed and volunteered to be one of her content creators but alas, this is my first entry post after 4 months. I would be right to blame work, but truth, it was procrastination.

Dear readers , Thank you for having me as I share my opinion on teenage pregnancy.

Permit me to bare my thoughts , my facts.

When I look at my surroundings at times, I get sucked up most times. I mean there are so many things that are needed to be changed and addressed. Like….

Our mentality !

I intend to use an example with Dorcas , a true life story on the realities of teenage pregnancy.

When I look at Dorcas, an apprentice of a fashion designing class.. I see a self made woman. I had then , watch her grow. She used to be our neighbor before they left.

My thoughts

As said by an unknown author “…What terrifies me about evil in this world is that at this moment it is much more organized than the forces of good…. “

All am trying to say here is Failure has a pattern. I’m interested in seeing people grow. Dorcas tried her best to make out of life , what she wanted but life obviously has its own plan.

As if growing from a broken home with no love ain’t enough, Dorcas was still optimistic about living with a purpose still.


I watch her grow through the ranks from primary to secondary school, I watched her drop out to pursue her new found passion; Fashion designing. I saw her skim through the sessions , the unofficial labour hours apprentices are made to pass through based on, ‘ Satisfying the Boss’

She graduated. She had her freedom. From the distance I was watching , I was elated then life happens….

She was Impregnated. She at last fell victim to pressures from the opposite gender. She was so young and I dared say, naive. Parental guidance wiould have prevented this…. The future looks bleak for her. I was concerned , disturbed …. that I could not do anything. I nearly cried.

I watched from a distance. My bad.

I made some investigations looking at the guy(Lekan ) would had impregnated her..the report I got was saddening. Another generation of wrongs coming via them again.

Lekan struggled at first before accepting responsibility…it was understandable as he was trying to find his feet also. She moved into his miserable apartment. Where I knew deep down that , a child would follow suit in few years after and another …then another..

The Future I see

Dorcas will then try to make things work by supplementing her husband’s meager income with her fashion career.

She would be unable to re-invest her little profits towards expanding her business as she will accumulate more running cost independently by diverting the profit into running the family. Dorcas would be caught up in her Business , placing food on the table, satisfying her Husband , Lekan while subconsciously ignoring the mental health of the children. The Children Left to fend for themselves most times, obtain knowledge from any available means.

Lekan would obviously still be in the streets accepting the fate he claimed life brought to him while waiting for a good opportunity. At the same time , Womanising …getting caught by Dorcas.

Dorcas now a bitter woman. Unable to cater for the children who are by this time already exposed to the streets. Leaving them at the mercy of its rules. The rules ?Drinking , stealing, Harrasing folks and other social vices.

They cant do better as they dont know better! They need a miracle! We need a Miracle! Success to me, requires delibrate thoughtfulness. I mean , you must be delibrate about it.

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