Laundry Detergent is one of the most used items in Nigeria, either you are poor or rich, you need laundry detergent to wash your clothes, car, plates, and other items.

It is very important to make use of the best laundry detergent because there are several benefits that comes with it that can’t be found in other laundry detergents.

Currently, most Nigerians use detergents to wash their clothes, plates, they even use detergents more than bar soaps, because detergents is cheaper, easy and faster to use.

Although, there are two categories of washing detergents in Nigeria and other countries, the first is the hand wash and the second is the machine wash detergents, all the laundry detergents that make the list of the best in Nigeria are multipurpose, which means they can be used for both hand and machine wash, it is the best choice for you either you use your hand or machine to wash.

If you want to know the best laundry detergents in Nigeria as at 2021, then you need to read this informative blog post to the end, so that you will be able to buy it when next you go to the market.

Best Laundry Detergents In Nigeria In 2021

Sunlight Powder Detergent

Sunlight Powder Detergent is the best laundry detergent brand currently in Nigeria, this incredible laundry detergent is capable of removes stains easily and leave your cloth in a pleasant fragrance even after washing.

Sunlight Powder is the production of Unilever Nigeria Plc, and it currently this powder detergent is in three variants which are:
Sunlight Spring Sensation
Sunlight Tropical Sensation, and Sunlight Paradise Sensation for auto-wash.

So Klin Detergent

So Klin Detergent has been the best choice of Nigerians for decades, it is one of the most effective laundries detergent in 2021, according to the producer of this detergent it uses a stain magnet and color guard technology that helps to your clothes to look clean and bright.

So Klin Detergent was first laundry detergent brand that was introduced in Nigeria in the middle 90s, aside from that it is the first detergent to introduce white color detergent in Nigeria, which opposed to the blue colored detergents that were normal during that period.

Ariel Detergent

Ariel is one of the most popular and the best detergent in Nigeria over the years and still one of the best currently. This incredible detergent is very powerful when it comes to removing tough stain from any cloth, it is the best option for anyone who wants to wash white and multicolor clothes.

Ariel is the production of one of the most popular multinational consumer goods company, Procter and Gamble (P&G), and it is produced with the formulation uses an upgraded technology to increase enzymes and polymers that are capable of removing tough stains with just a one wash to give you an amazing and cleaning results with pleasant fragrance on your clothes.

Other Best Laundry Detergents In Nigeria In 2021 Includes;

  • So Easy Detergent
  • Omo Detergent
  • Good Mama Detergent
  • Waw Detergent.