How to grow a long and healthy hair fast

How to grow a long and healthy hair

Have you ever had a haircut and wished it would just grow back as soon as possible? I bet you would want that, even I want that too but it’s said that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. I always thought that apply with hair too but let me give you the great news that growing back your hair doesn’t take baby steps anymore! Instead, it takes “adult steps”. Here are the tips on how to grow a long and healthy hair fast like lightning.

We are born with about 100,000 hair follicles and as we age, some follicles stop producing hair which is how hair thinning or baldness starts. To be totally honest, how fast your hair grows depends on your age, health, and hair type but there are some things that can help instil making your hair grow longer and more beautiful.
how to grow a long and healthy hair
• Apply essential oils:

Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil are all examples of essential oil. Do not use one individually, you must mix with another oil i.e olive oil and coconut oil should be mixed together. One oil must be diluted with another oil. You can mix egg and olive oil together and pour it in your hair, massage it and leave it to settle for an hour then rinse it. After that, apply the olive oil to your hair and cover it with a scarf or hair cap overnight then wash it out the best morning with your shampoo.

• Eat protein:

Vegetables, yoghurt, nuts are proteinous foods that help with hair growth. Protein is very effective and amazing for the development of your hair. It makes the hair stay strong and beautiful.

• Massage your scalp:

Always endeavour to massage your scalp gently and slowly. Savour the moment! Massaging your scalp properly also helps you to deal with product buildup that may lead to a dandruff issue.

• Do not comb your hair while it’s still wet:

Wet hair texture is not as firm as dry hair texture. Combing your hair while it is still wet might contribute to hair breakage.

• Avoid stress:

You might be wondering how stress contributes to your hair growth. Well, the truth is when you are stress it indirectly has a huge effect on your hair.

Apply these methods and expect a great result!