Have you ever realised that everyday is a test to do what is right. And each test you surmount leads to equally more greater test!

You are tested by time. You are tested by people. You are tested by choices to make, places to go, friends to keep, whether to say yes or whether to say no. You are tested by problems. You are tested by love ones.

You are tested every second….

All of these are so because that is what life is programmed to be – A test!

And like all test, whether heavy or light, you should take them all very serious and do what is right, for they are meant to prepare you for something glorious tomorrow.

There are people who give up on their dreams. There are people who commit suicide. These are the people who have surrendered to life’s test.

Life’s test may not be easier
But it gets easier immediately you come to realise first and foremost that your sleep, wake and your breath each day is a test. For the purpose of your existence is to overcome life’s test. Remember that God has said that He will not give you a burden you can’t carry, or a challenge you can’t surmount.

So always be prepared, watchful and focused to pass life’s test. For these are the stages to be the best.

So are you ready to take life test serious, without fear?
To love when it is expected of you?
To say the truth when lies would do?
To act when you ought not to?
To stay silent when you ought to talk back?

Do you sleep when you should be awake working?
Do you refuse to help those that require your assistance?
Do you choose to procrastinate on things that matter to your future?

No matter what the test might be! Seek answers from God for He is the great life teacher to help see you through.

From all of us at amazonsclique.com, we wish you the strength to face the test of life.

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