We live in a world full of challenges. These challenges keep gazing at us to procure solutions. Right from Adam, man has been saddled with the task of confronting challenges directly or indirectly.

Naturally, as one challenge is tackled, another rises to continually keep man to work in a growth process. Not only is man born into challenges, personal human desires and expectations. All these pose as mountains that needs to be climbed. A measure of success is the criteria for bringing relief to burdens imposed by challenges.

Winners are success driven.

They see challenges as avenues for development and conduit for success expression. Success on its own doesn’t just come by mere childhood wishful thinking.

There is always a price that must be paid for a lifetime.

Flourishing secrets to success establishes the difference between winners and failures.
Nobody is naturally born to be a success or a failure. Success and failures are products of decisions made at one point in history.

Winners possess winning mentality.

They picture themselves as success psychologically, until winning becomes there mantra and reality. Successful people don’t only mirror themselves as winners, they set the ball rolling by implementing goals and consistent work towards attaining such goals. Achieving those goals is the qualification for full success as a winner.

In setting goals, winners avoid setting outrageous goals as a strategy for surmounting challenges. Winners set goals that are within capacity to achieve. Goals are in hierarchy. This implies that goals introduce each other as rungs in the ladder to success.

Winners don’t see failure as being defeated.

Failure is an expression of human imperfections. To have failed in the journey to success is not criminal, but to remain in the quagmire of the failure is what is known as defeat.

History gave record of Thomas Edison, the famous inventor of the light bulb who failed over a thousand times in unsuccessful attempts to invent the electrical bulb. He accounted that each failed trial established a new method for making fresh attempt, until he finally succeeded. Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he succeeded. R.H. Marcy failed seven times before his store in New York City caught on. The underlining factor to successes aforementioned was perseverance. I take solace in the quote of Charles Kettering.

“Failing is one of the greatest arts in the world. One fails towards success”

Determination and courage are indispensable secrets of winners. The two attributes work hand in hand as prime movers for success actualization. The terms prevents winners from being deviated out of line of action in what is called focus.

The path to winning is never a smooth one. It is a path full of meanders.

Determination is a tool that reinforces capacity in a winner, to succeed through the meandering path of success while courage stabilizes confidence of winners to see confronting mountains as level track and lunch pads for terminal victory. In the midst of storms, determination and courage establishes a teachable mind in winners and prevents them from being self-conceited.

The teachableness, humbles winners to be mentored by predecessors who had trodden on same or similar paths of challenges they want to or are venturing in. Seeking knowledge and not results improves winners.

The human body is drained out of energy when pressured by confronting challenges. Physical strains set in as efforts are being made for success actualization. Winners balance their life in other to prevent burnout. The totality of time at the disposal of winners is not entirely channeled to a course of action for success. Winners are medically guided and utilize health recipe and tips to stay in good health in other to maintain threshold for successes.

Rest, exercise, recreational activities, balance diet etc. are tonics that helps to rejuvenate winners’ physical health and improves mental strength. Winners also take the pleasure of studying outside their interest in other to get generally informed.
When time frames are set for actualizing success, there tend to be variety of options for achieving viable result to efficiently manage time and to procure bench marks for evaluating checks and balances. Since achieving success is time bounded by a winner, there will be no doubt or fear in introducing new ideas and strategies to meet target.

Winners that are time bound to achieve success have zero tolerance for lackadaisical attitudes and lackluster performances. Winners strategically ration time lapse to cover actualization of set goals so as to avoid concentrating too long on a particular goal and other encountered redundant.

Furthermore, as a catalyst for success, timing allows for wise management of available resources at hand.

In conclusion, everyone is responsible for personal decision taken, weather good or bad. You don’t rely on others to make your own success. An individual spearheads his or her own success journey based on decisions and strategies developed. Envying others successes without paying prices they paid, only ends as a wish. Success is a pyrrhic action by winners. As long as there is life, there is still much hope for success irrespective of several failed attempts.

Dedication, hard work and patience are other flourishing secrets of winners.

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