It is no news that in life there would always be another option. There are always alternatives to whatever you choose to do whether it be business, relationships, employment or what have you.

However, the rate at which people give up on their dreams makes me wonder if they were ever interested in that dream to begin with. Sometimes you have fought so hard for a dream with your blood and sweat only to realize that you have numerous options.

The options are so numerous that confusion sets in. Life is fashioned to be full of surprises that’s what keeps the beauty of life intact. While there are many options to be considered, the least unconsiderable option is “giving up”.

If you saw a vision so clearly that you put in your all to see it accomplished then what changed??

Yes, the challenges that comes with pursuing your vision might be enough to make you reconsider but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

When you don’t believe in yourself, who will

Giving up on your dreams make you think constantly of what the possible outcomes of pursuing your dreams might have been. In as much as, the thought of giving up is not a thought that won’t cross your mind on the lonely road to success, it is a thought process that isn’t even an option to be considered.

Ask any successful person the story behind the smiles you see now and you would be surprised that the story behind those smiles can move you to tears.

Coca-Cola in it’s first year sold only nine servings of their product and today they are the leading brand of carbonated drink, what would have happened if they gave up in the first year?

Amazon did not make any profit until the last quarter of 2001 since they started in 1995, if they gave up in the first quarter of 2001, will they became what they are today?

You might just be close to actualizing that dream, no matter how tough the going may be, toughen up to pull through.

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