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By Hillary Uzomba.

For this is the pitfall, to build walls to lock ourselves within the material and possessive. We are becoming a people consumed by the luxurious life of pop culture and materialism. It is a constant battle between the Material over the wellness of mind and purpose. Thus the high rate of depression and suicide.

Expectations are high, tools and competencies to achieve them are low, and results don’t equate the efforts. But in all this euphoria and Noise, of social media and show off, how do we find balance and wade through the mud towards self-discovery and finding purpose? Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Numb the Noise

Expectations that are not yours can turn noise and make you very unhappy. You must learn how to numb the noise of expectations. From family, friends, and foes. Protect your mind. For this is the first cause of unhappiness. It is only when you numb this noise in your head that you can listen to yourself and hear your voice. When you work for the happiness of others to the detriment of yours, you are gradually walking the slope towards a Depressive plunge. According to a popular quote credited to Albert Einstein “if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

  • Understand Purpose

Purpose is not just self-actualization- but self-realization. It is a higher goal. A path set for you alone. It is understanding your place in the world and what it means to live free, and at peace with yourself and others.

Dedicate your time to finding self
Don’t be positive, be aggressive; when it comes to your dreams. It’s a fight to the finish. If you exert the same energy you do to inconsequential things to your set purpose, then nothing would stop you.


So for every goal you set for yourself, be aggressive towards achieving it. It is not enough to be positive that it would play out well, you should be aggressive towards achieving it.

Here is a true story:

Lincoln Townley is a British drug Addict and Drunkard who later became an international contemporary artist. He was rejected more than 93 times, battled addiction, but rose from the ashes of his brokenness to become one of the most formidable artists of our time. His work has risen in value by 800% in 5 years and has been exhibited in many private financial institutions across the world. When asked of what inspires him he said: “My inspiration to create comes from within my desire to succeed”.

This is as simple as it gets. Numb the Noise, understand your place, Find inspiration from within, attach it to purpose and goals, you would find more balance and succeed.

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