This article is all about the business you can start with 100,000 naira or less in Nigeria as at 2021.

Starting a business should be an option for you because it is one of the solution is the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, after searching for job for at least two years without positive result, then you should think of something else, which business is the best solution, if you are currently looking for the latest and best business opportunities in Nigeria, then you need to read this article to the end.

If you are tired of searching for job or you need another source of income, then starting a business is the solution to your problem, capital is one of major problem of Nigerians, I have take my time to solve that problem for you because I will be talking about the businesses you can start with 100,000 naira or less in Nigeria as at 2021, so capital is not the problem here.


List Of Business You Can Start With 100,000 Naira or Less


Vegetable Farming


Vegetable is a natural and nutritious food that is consumed by millions of Nigerians daily, you can invest in vegetable farming with 100,000 naira or less and you will get as much as 200% return on your investment within one month.

You can plant ugwu, okro, efo-tete and other vegetables, this business is more profitable during the dry season, you can make up to 500% profit from this business during this period.


Frozen Food Sales

Frozen food is good business that you can invest 100,000 or less aside from that it’s one of the most profitable business in Nigeria, get a shop in the market or human traffic area, then buy a freezer and your frozen foods which are fish, turkey, chicken and more.


Cucumber Farming


With 100,000 naira or less, you can invest in cucumber farming, this vegetable is widely consume in Nigeria, take advantage of it by investing 100,000 naira and your time into cucumber farming and you will be able to make up to 200% profit within three months.

Cucumber farming is profitable either you plant it during the rainy or dry season, take your time to learn or get a mentor before you start cucumber farming business.


Shoe And Bag Sales

Shoe and bag sales is also one of the most profitable business you can start with 100,000 naira or less in Nigeria, the most interesting part about this business is that you can buy and also sell your goods online, this is for those who want to create another source of income without leaving their current job.

Do proper research, source for your bag and shoe, then order for it online, or buy offline, then sell it, make sure you buy quality and durable products so that your customers can recommend you to their friends and family.


Human Hair Sales


Human hair or wig business is the last on my list for the business you can start with 100,000 or less in Nigeria. There are numerous foreign websites that sell these human hair in wholesale prices, all you need to do is to buy from them and sell in higher price to people around you or run advert to sell it online.