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The truth is humans are dimensional and our outlook differs due to varying factors. The following are responsible for or different opinions:

  • Culture
  • family(background),
  • environment,
  • education,
  • exposure etc.

These things have major roles in any individual life. Male and Female alike are the products of what they feed on. Success is as a result of quality and resourceful mindset.

You can’t fly above your thought process

If you bypass this principle you can’t withstand the test of time.
The following are the types of personalities who contend for success.

A Dreamer

These people often dream but lack the ability and strength of working it out to reality. They believe in dreaming (having visions) and rest their back with the expectations that manna will fall from heaven, sometimes their expectations are cut off.

During hard times these people lack the stamina and sustainability to withhold challenges and make strategic plans and decisions to overcome the storm, because all they do is to visualize succecss and big achievements and they will never take steps to see them come to reality.

Everyone desires success and great things but not all operates in the reality of it, only those who are skillful, diligent and desperate will have that which they desired, accomplish goals which they set.

The Achiever

This set of people don’t only dream and imagine great things they are Inquisitive, curious and desperate to have their dreams and imagination in reality.

They are ready to take any Legal risk to win in life, opportunity is life to them and they never take life lightly. The moment they see, dream and imagine great things they contend for it achievement, they believe in hardwork and God’s favour and fantastic stuffs comes their way.

To them, Period of crisis, challenges are acknowledged as opportunity for innovation and invention of idea that will set them for global standards.
People lament vehemently when the outcome of their set goals goes contrary to their expectations, when their dreams and desires are delayed for manifestation into reality, but the truth is ask yourself


Diligence will help your patience ability to keep working strategically hard Until your expectations are met.

It’s high time you change from being a DREAMER who dreams but works little to execute their set goals. Such people give excuses, they do analysis of their failure which can’t amount to success.

The achiever dreams and imagine good things but commits his or her life to strategic operation which will propagate that which has been visualize to reality.

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