There are millions of people around the world who tend to trust in their luck. They attribute everything that happens to them on their luck

Some even go as far as believing that the side of the bed or the first person they saw is responsible for the avoidable and unavoidable things that happen to them.

You might have come this far by luck but sorry to burst your bubble, luck can only take you this far.

Luck could be the reason for winning a lottery, passing an exam or even getting a job or a business deal but the next question should be: how do you sustain what your luck has brought you?

Sustaining success is a never by luck

Let me tell you a short story:

There was a garbage man who won about 20 million dollars from a lottery (some of you might be thinking how I wish I got my hands on that kind of amount). He was extremely happy thinking luck must have shined greatly on him because he thought he didn’t have a reason to work anymore. Twenty years after he was back to his garbage job.

(End of story)

What happened to the man in the story, he felt what he got through luck could be sustained by sheer luck.

There is a limit to luck.

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