Let’s tell a story, clears throat…

In a beautiful city named beautiful, the government and the masses enjoy the life of nature without any deliberate effort. There is sufficiency and even goodies in the land that the least of them jump outrightly at all moves. But to no surprise; as a saying goes

nothing last forever“.

A peril came upon them as a result of their ignorance in not paying attention to maximizing the productivity of the wealth of the land but rather solely pay attention to the equal distributions and benefits of all the masses. They live and governed their lives on mere circumstances. What they experience and what the land offers them. They live hitherto in the abundance of it all. But when the conditions later became unfavorable they find it difficult to bear.

This is to say that the myth of mere circumstances can appear to be favorable and can look like an easy way out. You don’t have to desire too much all you just need to do is live what i term a regular live.

But the danger in this is that mere circumstances can result in waste of live. Because you never prepare for anything it could offer.

When you inhabit a lifestyle built on mere circumstances you are not in any way better than a man that built his house on a shaky/shallow/watery foundation and when the rain come upon the earth and wiped it out of the surface.

The key to becoming successful in life is getting hold of your situations and making the best out of it.

Stop living your life based on chances. You may be unfortunate to meet the worse of chances. Take responsibility and circumstances we only but work in your favor. Don’t be a victim of circumstances but be a victor in circumstances.

When you give in to mere circumstance, it can rake you and deprive you of expressing the champion within you.

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