Many people start business without a reason, while some start their business because of unnecessary reasons, it is very important to know the major reason of starting a business, this reasons will be your drive and keep you going even when you are not successful yet in the business.

This article will explain why you should start a business and other related information about business start-up.


Why You Should Start A Business?

To Solve Problem

Your major reason of starting a business is to solve your customer’s problem, if money is your primary focus then you can’t be successful as an entrepreneur.

You need to provide goods or services that solve problem, that is why people can give you their money, nobody want to invest their money on product or service that doesn’t solve problem. Solving problem should be your primary goal as an entrepreneur, it must be your major drive because it’s the key to your business success.


Create Jobs

Joblessness is one of the major problem in Nigeria, and also in the world, even in developed countries, instead of keeping your money in your bank account, stock market or other places, you can start a business so that you will be able to employ thousands of jobless youth in the country.

You will be able to help, feed and put money in the pocket of thousands of family by establishing at least five companies in the country, aside from that, you will add more value to the country as a whole when you pay your tax and other bills to the pocket of the State or Federal government.


Make More Money

Although, your primary goal is to solve problem as an entrepreneur, but it is also important to get return on your invest. Have you even seen an employee that’s is millionaire or billionaire? No, only entrepreneurs are, if you want to increase your networth then starting a business is one of the smartest method of achieving your goal.

Although you will invest your money, knowledge, time and energy before you started making profits as an entrepreneur.


Leave Something Behind


You can’t leave your job or certificate behind for your children or grandchildren, your boss will employ another person to take your position immediately you retire or die, likewise your certificate is useless immediately you die, but only your business and other asset are valuable when you die or retire, your children will be able to benefit from your business because they can take over as the CEO when you retire, this will place them on a fast lane success.


Build A Personal Brand.

An employee can’t build a personal brand, only entrepreneurs do, you can create a personal brand through your business, as your business is growing you will also become popular, just like Steve Jobs’s Apple and Bill Gates’s Microsoft.

Quit The Job You Hate

Many employees are not happy because their boss are not good to them, while some don’t like the job because of one or two reasons. Starting your own business will let your quit the job you hate.

Reach Your Dreams

Millions of entrepreneur start business because they have passion for it, it is their dream, aim and goal, that’s why they are successful even more than their competitiors because they love what they do.