There is a need to make decisions in every facet of our lives. We make decisions on the smallest things like what to eat, wear, drink, not do and many things. We also make decisions on big things like what job to take, if that career fits, the promotion and many other things. The end result of what we make of our lives is as a result of the decisions we have made. There is high importance on making the best of our decision making process.

This post addresses “ why you are not making the best decisions.” As important as decision making process is, why does it seem that we do not make the best decisions?

1. Past experiences

One of the major reasons why you are not making the best decisions is because you not ready to move past your previous experiences. If your decision making process s centered on your part experiences then expect a repeat of your past.

Leave the past where it belongs and make fresh experiences by taking a decision.

2. Escaping reality

Don’t be carried away when making a decision. You can not always expect to have the luck of things going your way all the time. You have to know all there is to know about the consequences of a decision before you dive in. Be realistic with your decisions, you can only be realistic when you are thirsty for every information your decision requires.

Accepting the reality of your decisions gives you a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into.

3. Lack of rationality

The best decisions are only made after absolute logical reasoning on the pro’s and con’s of the decisions to be made. A proper decision making process should not be always centered on impulse.

If you looking forward to getting the best result out if your decision then get rational about your decisions.

4. Level of productivity

Every human has a period of peak productivity. The best decision making process is during periods of peak productivity because this is the period you can be highly rational.

The best decision making process is during periods of peak productivity.

5. Forgetting yourself

Every decision you make is for yourself, so why do you fail to consider the decision would affect and change core parts of you. The result of your decisions is on you, why are you always highly skeptical about how your decisions affect others than how your decision affects you in the long and short term?

In the very end you only have yourself.

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