What is mood swings?

Mood swing is a sudden change in mood or emotional state. Several reasons could contribute to mood swings. The causes of mood swings could be natural or otherwise. It is a common occurrence in lady. Every lady must have experienced mood swings at a particular point in her life.

Ladies, control your mood not the other way around

It’s common knowledge that women in offices tend to be saucy for reasons that can only be explained by their moods. Their moods often allow them to become unapproachable in the workplace. Making them second class citizens at job that they would naturally excel wonderfully at, if they release themselves from the strong grip of their moods and channel their energy to their average productivity.

Let me gist you about something that occurred recently.

I was recently at a office to submit some papers and this really weird and rude woman was at the desk. Her attitude shocked me to the bone. Somebody will say I did something offensive right?

I entered the office, shut the door and greeted the occupants of the office. After greetings, I informed her about what I came to do. I told her the officer in charge was on leave instead of her telling me she couldn’t help me, she just said, what should I do about it. Thereafter she ignored me and went about her business.

I was so angry, I told a friend. My friend said she displayed the very same attitude the previous day.

This was where my anger started.

Don’t get me twisted am a lady and am all for expressing your self but I think somebody else shouldn’t be your punching bag. Instead find something else to blow that steam. Whatever works for you is just fine.

You could try a new hobby or any engaging activity as far as you are not the reason for another person feeling weird all because you are in a bad place at the time the person crossed your path especially in the workplace.

If you are a lady reading this, let’s try something different in our workplace. Let’s control how our mood affects us and concentrate more on the possibilities. Then after a substantial period of time, let’s evaluate the difference.

You would be amazed

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