Have you ever considered how africa will look without educating the African girl child?

In most African countries today this is the plight of numerous young with exception to just a few lucky ones. Statistics have shown that 28 million girls between the ages of 6 and 15 are not in school. A significant percentage will never step a foot in a classroom. We now live in a world where violent extremist are bent on destroying the lives of school girls beyond horror. In most African countries, Nigeria for instance, every child has a right to education. However, it is not uncommon to see poverty forcing young girls to sacrifice their rights to education. We should be aware that educating girls means a world of “more educated women” who are healthier, earn more income, provide better care, disciplined young and educated children.

Some people ask themselves “why does it matter?”

Because today’s girls are tomorrow’s wives, mothers, caregivers etc. We should know that educating today’s girls gives us women who can live healthier and become mothers who will support their children. In today’s world, women could be “the key to ending the cycle of poverty” but a lot of the reasons why the African girl-child is not educated have made this statement very close to nonsense. One of the reasons against the girl child education is rooted certain African traditional and religious beliefs.

Another reason is uneducated parents who lacks the understanding of the essence of education and therefore deprive their children of education. Women who die from cancer, HIV/Aids and many deadly diseases are mostly women who are ignorant of these diseases. This is because they can’t read or attend awareness programmes on these diseases. If we create a world of educated women, the chances of our today’s girls living in a world free of deadly diseases  is greater. Educating the girl child will also improve the quality of the next generation. Considering that, the young girl trained today will become a caregiver and mother for the future.

“Educate a girl child and you educate a nation”.

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