An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business venture and assumes much of the associated risk. Every serious entrepreneur must have done the appropriate research about the associated risk, the pros and cons of the business venture before taking the big leap into the world of entrepreneurship. However, the euphoria of stating the business end up getting the best of the entrepreneur and we tend to forget that we can end up losing the drive to continue when the going gets tough.

Losing your drive as an entrepreneur is not a bad sign, it is totally normal to experience such feeling. You cannot always continue to be high on the excitement of starting your business. You have to experience the highs and the lows of the business. The low of the business could be as a result of different causes. One of the lows of the business is losing your drive as an entrepreneur. When you understand the reason you might lose your drive it is easier to do the needful to outshine the period of low drive no matter how long it takes.

This brings us to the reasons why entrepreneurs end up losing their drive?

Entrepreneurs lose their drive for various reasons including:

  • Lack of instant gratification

It is no news that business proceedings don’t show immediate results. Sometimes it may take long time before you as an entrepreneur begin to reap the fruit of your hard labour. This wait lacks have a definite period and it can get really tiring and annoyingly frustrating. This can result in the entrepreneur losing the drive to continue.

  • Alternative thinking

An entrepreneur who always thinks of something else he/she could be doing tends to lose their drive in no time at all. When you have another alternative to what you are doing, you end up been reserved about that which you have started at. This sort of thinking results in the entrepreneur not putting in all the necessary effort to better the business venture. Such thinking eventually results in the entrepreneur losing his drive.

  • Dread of people’s opinion

The opinion of people about you and your business lies greatly on them than it does on you as an entrepreneur. Although, the opinion of those around an entrepreneur could be a source of strength to an entrepreneur but dreading their negative opinions is a potential ingredient to your business woes. There is really little or nothing you can do to change how someone else perceives you. An entrepreneur who is driven by people’s positive opinion of him or is business is an entrepreneur who would lose his/her drive the moment their positive opinions becomes negative.

  • Procrastination

Procrastination is an issue that can cause an entrepreneur to finally lose their drive. Maintaining your drive as an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities that cannot be delayed. These responsibilities includes attending seminars/workshops, connecting with like-minded people, carrying employees and product users along with new innovations and many other things. Procrastination of these responsibilities will lead to eventual frustration that could consequently lead to loss of entrepreneur drive.

  • Loss of business vision

When an entrepreneur losses sight of the business goals and vision, the entrepreneur will ultimately lose the drive to pursue the success of the business. When the vision of the business is lost, the business losses its chance at success and the entrepreneur loses his reason to keep fighting for his business. The entrepreneur loses his drive to continue as the entrepreneur that he/she is.

In business, it is a common occurrence to lose your drive for a while but the unacceptable behavior is to remain in that state of lack of drive for an extended period of time. If you have found yourself losing your drive, find out what your problem is, face it and keep moving.

Your drive is all you need to have a successful business, do all you can to keep your drive in high alert!

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