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Have you ever sat down and thought what your explanation will be when it’s heard , will your explanation be a principle or a key?

Don’t you know the explanation of failure will never add anything to anybody? This is because everybody already knows what to do to fail: you should know that you don’t need tips or keys to be poor, because the key to poverty is clear to all that, you just need to stay lazy and lack money management.

However, everybody will give attention to your explanation of success, because they are called keys and principles; not everybody know what to do to be successful, because it’s many, the more you search and apply, the more you discover.

Today, many people can’t motivate people with their words, because they have been hampered by the weakness in their circumstances.

You own background might be your reason for failure, but do you know that, there are people with much more worse backgrounds; yet they are worth honour today.
I know a folks whose parents cannot afford to sponsor them to a standard private school to obtain a quality learning, but are still equivalent to me who was able to afford a moderate school: what makes the equivalency, is just their inability to give attention to the weakness projected by their circumstances.

Goodluck ebele Johnathan the formal President, Federal republic of Nigeria; despite the fact that growing up was not luscious for him, he never got depressed neither distracted, rather he focused on the strength that can bring the best of him( his education).
Fred de Luca, due to issues surrounding his teenage days, he borrowed $1,000 to start his entrepreneurship career, by starting a restaurant as a means of survival for him, and today, poverty don’t play around his side.

There is nobody in life, that do not have a circumstance that will not have a side of strength in it. Wake up today and let your excuses be the reason why you’ve made it.

Do you know, that you will stand someday, to speak and give someone hope via your story and how you succeeded?
Then will your explanation be tips, keys, and principles to others?

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