Considering the incessant call for the youth to become entrepreneurs, has anybody stopped for a second and asked the question, “can everybody be an entrepreneur?”

The fact is everybody cannot be successful and happy as an entrepreneur. Some people are not just cut out for entrepreneurship but then, “what qualifies a true entrepreneur?”

This post is written to provide information about the qualities of a true entrepreneur.

1. Confidence

It takes a lot of confidence to become an entrepreneur. You need confidence to approach people for funding, for purchase and everything that running a business entails. An entrepreneur has to be confident in his abilities, dreams, ideas and decisions.

2. A relationship person

A true entrepreneur should be someone who can efficiently manage a business relationship. The success of an entrepreneur is dependent on the ability to maintain a perfect interpersonal relationship with employees, investors, customers and every other person involved in the business venture.

3. Self discipline

There is a misconception that becoming an entrepreneur is an opportunity to be undisciplined. A true entrepreneur would always exercise self discipline in the every day running of his venture.

4. A calculated risk taker

There is a difference between a mere risk taker and a calculated risk taker. A calculated risk taker knows when to take risk that would benefit the business venture. An entrepreneur who lacks the ability to be a calculated risk taker is not an entrepreneur.

5. Perseverance

Growing a business takes a lot of perseverance. Running a business can birth frustration that a true entrepreneur can only survive by preserving and hoping for better days. There is no easy aspect of running a business, only a true entrepreneur persevere the it all.

6. Passionate about the business

A true entrepreneur has to be passionate about the business. It is this passion for the business that keeps the business running even when the business does not look promising. Passion assists the entrepreneur to persevere all circumstance.

7. A master negotiator

A true entrepreneur should be able to negotiate about practically everything. An entrepreneur should be able to negotiate with consumers, workers and potential investors. A true entrepreneur should possess negotiation skills that makes deals proposed by the entrepreneur irresistible.

8. Hard working

Don’t be mislead! Entrepreneurship is not a gateway to laziness in fact entrepreneurship should show the hard working quality of an individual. A true entrepreneur can not be anything less than hardworking.

9. Highly knowledgeable

A true entrepreneur should be highly knowledgeable about the product to be offered and the market to be targeted. An entrepreneur who is willing to succeed in his chosen field should always know all there is to know about the product offered and the market targeted.

10. A decision maker

A true entrepreneur should be able to make decisions that creates a positive ripple effect on the business. A true entrepreneur should be able to take decisions aimed at solving problems and creating room for business growth.

11. A person of integrity

A true entrepreneur should be a person of high integrity. An entrepreneur that desires to survive generations, obstacles and various changes should be an avid fan of integrity. Consumers will not buy into a business they can not perceive integrity as investors will not invest in a business where integrity is not ingrained in core business activities.

12. A leader

A true entrepreneur is many things which includes a leader. An entrepreneur should be able to handle leadership duties without stress. As an entrepreneur you have the responsibility of leading people in to where you envision your business to be.

The success of an entrepreneur lies in his leadership skills.

13. Money conscious

An entrepreneur is responsible for the financial health of the business. If you claim to be an entrepreneur be sincere, are you money conscious? A true entrepreneur should be able to account for every amount spent, received, loaned, saved and invested. In other words, an entrepreneur should be able to account for every amount that goes in and out of the business.

14. Goal oriented

A true entrepreneur should be all about creating goals and reaching those goals as entrepreneurship is about overcoming one hurdle after the other.

15. A life long learner

A true entrepreneur has no limit to either how long or how much they are receptive to learning. A true entrepreneur is never slow to admit that there is always more learn and they continue to amass as much knowledge as they can through continuous learning.

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