Good Friday is the day that initiates the beginning of the Easter celebration. Good Friday is a day to reflect and remember the crucifixion, condemnation, pain, death and suffering of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is commemorated annually as a public holiday in many countries of the world. Certain countries such as Germany, have laws prohibiting activities including dancing and horse racing that distort the solemn nature of the day. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday.

Don’t let me bore you with the theology associated with Good Friday.

The events recorded in the Holy Bible before and after the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ holds a goldmine of valuable lessons which includes:

1. Nothing good comes easy

The holy Bible says, Jesus Christ was born to deliver everybody who believe in him from the condemnation of their sins. Jesus Christ was born to become a link through which believers can have a firm and solid communication with God. These were the major plan and purpose for Jesus’s existence. For Jesus Christ to fulfil his potential, he had to endure whippings, pain, betrayal, rejection, crucifixion and other negativities.

If Jesus Christ whose birth was a miracle in itself achieved his life purpose after enduring persecutions and sufferings of the greatest order, then understand that you can not achieve your life purpose without strife.

Everything you want out of life would not come running, it would only come when you are willing and able to pay the price associated with it. Remember, “Nothing good comes easy.

2. Disappointment might be the key to your appointment

In the record of the Holy Bible concerning the events associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The same set of people who were praising Jesus on his arrival to Jerusalem and spreading their clothes on the floor so his horses wouldn’t thread on bare ground are the same people who were clamouring for his crucifixion. Judas Iscariot who handed Jesus Christ over to the enemies for only thirty silver coins was a disciple of Jesus.

If Jesus Christ, a man who great signs and wonders has been wrought by his hands could face such betrayal then do not be surprised when the people who should have your back end up stabbing you in the back.

3. Never give up

In the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ at the peak of his suffering on the cross asked why God had forsaken him. This means it is perfectly normal to think of giving up, however Jesus Christ did not give up he kept his eyes on the prize and overcame that phase.

The thought of giving up is normal. Giving up is always easier than pressing forward. Don’t forget, when you give up, you achieve nothing. If you really want to achieve your goals, giving up is not an option!!!!

4. Always trust the process

Jesus Christ could have started a revolt when the priests wanted to take him away. Even when Peter drew his sword to fight off the soldiers that came to arrest Jesus Christ and ended up cutting a soldier’s ear, Jesus Christ fixed the ear back to its place. Jesus Christ did this because he understood that he could not fulfill his purpose if he did not undergo the trial before him.

Life is a process. Everything takes time to happen. Endure whatever life may bring your path. Remember “gold only glitters after it must have passed through fire.”

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