The wind howled, the thunder grumbled and the flowers nodded in angry expression to the emergence of the global pandemic-covid-19. Human outdoor activities has generally taken a downturn. Prior lockdown activities that manage to survive the pains from the pandemic are no more booming and lucrative. The highly contagious pandemic keeps pummeling hearts with fear and uncertainty.

The word “lockdown” as a preventive mechanism to cushion the spread of covid-19 is no longer strange to ears. Without the use of an English lexicon, an average kid can comfortably explain the meaning of the word. Lockdown is generally perceived negatively as a trend that compels people indoors but ushers in a kairos moment for productivity to those that can reason beyond bounds. As an eye opener, a period of lockdown should be viewed as a time for incredible harvest of opportunities. Life is an oxymoron.

How well one makes utility out of the dynamics of life, speaks volumes of the persons inherent abilities.

As long as breath flows out of man, learning becomes a prerequisite that informs and reforms. A deformed mind is outdated and can easily be tossed around. With blistering movement of people to make ends meet, humans are usually occupied with activities that tend to physically strain.

The lockdown provides a period of solace were an individual can relax at home to learn new skills, read books at convenience and get substantially educated via the internet and other multimedia interfaces. Students are never left behind as the robust architecture of the internet provides interactive platforms for students to improve academic quotients without any environmental retrogrades as compared to when they are at school. Other benefits the lockdown offers to internet users without stress include: marketing, medical and job opportunities.

It is often said that health is wealth. In Africa, less attention is paid to physical wellbeing until a health breakdown occurs. It is most expensive and dangerous in preparing for war during the war. In other to prevent health disorders like obesity, heart related diseases, breathing problems and blood circulation challenges, health proponent have advised that regular physical exercises will help mitigate and prevent those medical challenges. In Africa, less or no time is wisely allocated for physical health maintenance because of perceived daily outdoor activities that are termed as time demanding. The lockdown provides a convenient session were quality time can be allocated to physical health through exercise and other forms of recreational activities.

Economic meltdown and loss of jobs are some of the major consequences of covid-19. Even those that manage to be in jobs are squawking with the slash in salaries and delays in payments. As a means of alleviating untold hardship and joblessness, mini agricultural activities such as fish farming, livestock farming, snail farming, poultry farming and horticulture can be established within neighborhood. The leverage the lockdown offers allows for maximum returns to be derived from such agricultural venture.

Researches using plant extract within the lockdown period, is paving way in some quarters for procurement of herbal cure to the dreaded covid-19. For example, Madagascar championed a discovery using indigenous herbs to counter the menace of the pandemic.

Economically speaking, such medical discovery (though not yet universally recognized) is gradually helping to improve the economy of the nation based on the demands other African countries have made for the drug. In addition, the mass production of the drug, have created several job opportunities for the populace of the state.

In conclusion, it is important to note that to every disadvantaged situation, there is always advantages inherent in that situation. One need to look at every situation with an eagle’s eye to get the best out of it.

To be locked down is not a license to get knocked down


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