Tony Iwobi has been elected as the first black senator in Brescia, Northern Italy. He confirmed this by sharing on his Facebook page on Tuesday after the Sunday election,”it is with great excitement that I can tell you I have been elected senator… A new adventure is about to begin”.

Short biography of Tony Iwobi

Tony Iwobi is a 62 years old man born in Gusau, capital of Zamfara state, Nigeria. He migrated to Italy about thirty-eight(38) years ago on a student visa. He later married an Italian woman and started his I.T company in Italy.

Political history

Tony Iwobi is a member of the League political party. He became a municipal councillor for the League in Spirano in the 1990’s and has since been the League party spokesperson since 2014. He won the election as a member of the League political party.

The achievements of Tony Iwobi has made me ask, “what have you been doing to make your country proud?”

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