It is a period for compulsory holiday all over the world. The idea of being indoor all day is a nightmare to some and to others it is a blessing in disguise. The issue is not self isolation, it is what is there to be done during self isolation.

That is why, we at amazonsclique, has decided to put together, 5 things to do during self isolation. All of the five things might not really be for you, but I can bet that at least one might just be what you need.

Take a Course

To some, it might be unheard of considering that almost everywhere is closed. Not to worry, with the help of the internet the world is nothing more than a small village. You would be amazed at the number of courses that are just right for you available online. Irrespective of your field of interest, this might just be the time to get an online certification or improve your present skill set.

Grow Your Online Business

Because of our busy schedule, most of us have forgotten untapped potential that might just be the solution to all our financial woes. This is the time to stop making excuses and get down to work. Thankfully, that other job stealing your time is already on holiday. Why not reconnect with that old online business that you have forgotten. Some of us run blogs that we used to love; some of us are affiliate marketers or social media influencers. When did we throw all this away and for what exactly? Now that the rival for your time has slowed down, what else is stopping you?
Remember, an idle hand is the devils workshop they say

Go Online

Thankfully, internet providers are not on holidays so you can still connect with the rest of the world. Why not take this period to put your business online. You might just be amazed at how much you might end up doing better. The world is a global village; it is time to tap into that aspect of life. The kind of information online will surprise. Am talking of information that range from precautions on stopping spread to self development and many others can all be found on the internet.


For some of us in the last 5 years, you have barely had time to really sit back and just enjoy. Instead of stressing over a disease that the only thing you can do to actually help anybody is to just stay at home, why not use that time to actually relax. Enjoy what the introvert enjoy and reconnect with your inner self. Get more comfortable in your space you might be lucky to discover a part of yourself you never knew existed.

Pick Up a New Indoor Hobby

In this period, you can’t just sit and do nothing. Some people can get sick from doing nothing e.g. me. Instead of sitting idly, why not pick up a new hobby. You could try different things out like writing, reading, cooking new delicacies, learning a new language and so much more. Pick something you might enjoy doing and will not require going out. You might just surprise yourself at how good you might become at it.

Do not short change yourself by not enjoying every minute of it. For some people this event would be positively life changing and for some the opposite will be the case.

What is stopping you for been among those that would enjoy the positive life changing effects and stop complaining about what you cannot change?

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