Money they say isn’t everything but have you ever considered what you can do that wouldn’t stem from money. Yes, money shouldn’t be the basis of all we do but it is also as important as the air we breathe. Mention all the things they say money cannot buy; things like love, happiness, peace and so much more but have you realized that the wretched don’t have all this things in abundance. Some will say how can I say such. The irony is if you have all this with the little money you have, then why are they striving to make money because the reality is what is life without love, happiness and peace?

My question is if money isn’t important why do the rich keep working to make more money? Yes!

Some rich folks do a lot of philanthropy but why do they keep making huge profitable investments even in their old age. When do you ever have enough money to stop working on getting more money? The truth is that people tend to shy away from the fact that money is never enough.

Economists will say that, “human wants are insatiable” this has been proven to be true over time. There is another theory that says, “your expenditure will always rise to meet your income”. No matter how rich you think somebody is, they always have something to spend money on either you it is important or not. So therefore, you can never have enough money at any point in your lifetime.

You will always need more money.

The only principle that works in keeping us sane in the search for more money is contentment and modesty. When you become contented with what you have and you are modest in your way of life, you save yourself the trouble of chasing after shadows in the quest for looking for more money. You wonder why big time criminals end up getting caught in the web of their numerous crimes. The answer lies in their lack of contentment and modesty. Their need to live large and their greed is the reason they end up getting caught in crimes that already should be in their past.

You don’t know the power of money until you have it and when you finally have more than you need you begin to realize the vanity of it all. Make enough money in your lifetime so that you can get to the point where you can also be an advocate of the saying, “money isn’t everything”.


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