The kind of environment you find yourself is a prerequisite for how far and fast you go in life. Your environment can either become a source of motivation or a source of concern to you depending on how you choose to identify it. This brings us to the definition of an environment. Environment is the condition that affects the behavior and development of somebody or something. It is also the physical condition that somebody or something exist in.

If you’ve patiently explore the above definition, you will notice that the word behavior and development are pivot in human life and success. Don’t forget that your environment is more han a geographical location.

Isn’t that true?

Now! You must know this; when you have a quality behavior, to develop your self toward excellent works because you’re broken by your environment, you might not get the best out of your quality behaviour. Your environment has a very crucial role to play in your success pilgrimage: the nature of your environment is tantamount to the texture of your success.

That is terrible!

One thing to know about life: when you are not dominating, you’re being dominated. It will be unfortunate to you, if you are complacent with that ridiculous result, your environment is presenting.
Oh! Where you live as a student, everyone just go to school, and lack the knowledge of what education is? or probably your roommates believe a certificate is just a means of acquiring a job? (not bad though, but they’re a bit not correct).
Many of us do not have issues with all of the above, but your environment that is not productive might be that material you feed on making mediocrity the basis of your life, or that friend that’s after living on earth for living sake, and your want to leave a legacy in your world.

Not everyone is privileged to live in the best environment setting but remember your environment is not an excuse to remain on the lowest of the lowest point of life. There are people who have made great success irrespective of the fact that they grew in environment more depressing than yours. These people saw more than what their environment was showing them and they decided to do more with their lives and today they are success stories.

You can do the same too!!!!

In as much as, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan went to school without shoes or bags, he still went ahead to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Even though Oprah Winfrey was born to a teenage mother, molested and faced a lot of challenges growing up as a child she still didn’t use that as an excuse not to become the success story she is today. Although the United State of America has never had an African-American president, Barrack Obama wasn’t discouraged. he still took the necessary steps and become the first African-American to rule the United States and the 44th President.

The above examples to mention a few are all proofs that you can’t make your environment an excuse not to be the best you can be, you can’t afford to disappoint your generation.

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