Anybody with the aim to become the very best in their field of interest should ultimately consider the power of volunteering. Volunteering welds some sort of power that is easily overlooked probably because the benefits of this act has not been put into perspective by those interested. It is common knowledge that volunteers are paid, little or nothing for their services. However, there are other benefits of volunteering.

You must be asking, what other benefits?

In this post, I will be taking us through: 4 Benefits of Volunteering

1. Experience

Experience they say is the best teacher. Volunteering gives you a refreshing view of what is obtainable per time in the field you are volunteering in. Experience is not something you gain by talking, you need to act. Volunteering affords you the opportunity to learn on the job, something a regular job won’t allow you the pleasure of doing.

We learn more by doing than saying

2. A Network

Every successful person you know has a network equivalent to their networth, that is why the rich is getting richer and the poor; poorer.

No one is an island, you can’t get all the information you need in your comfort zone.

You can easily access information when you have the right network (read more). Volunteering provides the level ground to meet like-minded people who could be the bed rock to what you have searching for.

3. You get busy

” A idle hand is the devil’s workshop” – unknown

Idleness can most likely make you feel less of your self and become the reason for involving yourself in vices that you won’t have considered. Sometimes been busy might just be what you need to over come problems like depression.

4. Self development

You know how we at always advocate for self development. Volunteering not only give you the opportunity of career advancement it is also the right ingredient for your self development. Volunteering at something could be a major boost to your self esteem.

If you can get all this via volunteering, I don’t know why you are still doubting taking up that volunteering job that you recently came across.

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Liked this post? Share and check back for more!!!


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