Try to understand some things but they seem so hidden mysteries all around us, the brain can’t even explain. The mind is so dark and void covered with greed and jealousy a world where evil men evolve and evil thoughts are conceived, the powerful oppress the weak and make us think God doesn’t exist they make us blaspheme against the creator.

The Cyber culture trying to make us forget our culture we no longer read the scripture because the media is feeding on our souls like a vulture on its prey forgetting our souls will rapture someday.

Ungrateful souls everywhere I’m a victim most times, can’t weigh your Agape love with any, So not worth the measure. The new human world and its pleasures made us forget that “HE” can vaporize us and puff… off we go but THE CREATOR so MERCIFUL and PATIENT. Live in me that they may see you through me🙏🙏🙏🙏

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