It is not rocket science that to achieve all that you want to achieve, you don’t just wish for it to happen, you have to take a logical step in that direction. Greatness is a feat that could take a lifetime to achieve. The irony is even if it takes a lifetime you still need to take the first step in its direction. That first step lies in your thought process.

The multi-million dollar question is, have you started thinking of how to achieve greatness? If you can think it then you can do it.

The major difference in the rich and the poor lies in the power of their thoughts. We have the same thinking capacity. We have the choice of what to think and what not. The responsibility of what you think lies solely on you. You will not grow farther than your level of thinking. Your thought says all there is to say about you. It is no news that every of our actions is an expression of our thoughts. The results of great thinkers are what generations to come will continue to emulate and improve upon.

The innovations that have made life an easier bargain came to reality as a result of the thought process of these great thinkers. There is no reason to feel less of yourself because you haven’t done any innovation. The problem is not in your inability to create a much needed breakthrough in whatever field of study, it is in your inability to strategically possess thoughts in that direction.

The result of the thoughts of the likes of Leonard Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Williams Shakespeare, Socrates, Pythagoras and many others are the basis of various innovations and teachings that we have to place so much value. You also have the same ingredients to think out what we need to see but that is your responsibility as nobody will think for you what only you can see.

You don’t just become a great thinker; you make a conscious and consistent effort to becoming one. You won’t get it right all at once. It is of great importance for you to continue thinking it through until you get your direction to greatness. You can become the next celebrated individual only if you start thinking about the avenue with which you would like to actualize that goal.

Take the first crucial step towards where you wish to be which is thinking it through.

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