Who would have thought that the same drug Nigeria banned 14 years ago will become the corner stone in the search for a cure against the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19).Covid-19 one of the rarest and most contagious member of the coronavirus family, outbreak was first reported in China om 31st December, 2019. This particular coronavirus outbreak has since become a world concern as 44,672 cases has been reported by the chinese CDC. The search for the cure of this virus has become a world wide focus.China, the country which the Covid-19 outbreak cases was first discovered have relentlessly kept working on the cure for the disease. Zhang Xinmin, Director of the China National center for Biotechnology told journalists in Beijing, that researchers have narrowed down few existing drugs including Choloroquine Phosphate to be used in clinical trials with he regards to finding treatment for the Virus. Trials has shown that Choloroquine phosphate could just become the solution to one of the deadliest virus mankind has ever seen.

When your time comes, it comes.

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