I began imagining in solitude, how life without the internet was. The pains and grumpy expressions associated with accessing and disseminating information across length, was never a juicy experience. Technological improvements have made the internet a mainstay to life. Tech savviness now thrive because of the vast benefits offered by the internet. The following headings, give recognition to online education.

Growth Experienced By Online Education

As the society advances, people come up with new ideas and prospects to counter developmental retrogrades. The tectonic shift towards online study, is helping to revolutionize the educational sector globally. The ubiquitous and robust architecture of the internet is fast becoming a substratum for replacing the traditional means of learning.

Survey carried out by Learning House, Inc and Aslanian Market Research, showed that online academic enrolment is expanding by 1% per year. If this tempo is maintained or improved, it will never be a thing of surprise to wake up one day without sight of any four walls of learning on standing.

Education is a tool that informs and reforms minds as contributors for development. Don’t forget, information is the key to success and education affords us that luxury. Education was somewhat relegated during the pre-internet era because of erroneous impressions and aches associated with its acquisition. Presently, technological improvements and the internet is now gradually removing the vail covering eyes as it relates to education.

Portable internet enable devices such as: palmtops, smartphones notebook and tablet PC, are gradually sustaining the emerging trend. Students who refuse to adapt to the digital changes sweeping through the 21st century educational circle, would inevitably ease themselves out of the system

Benefits Of Online Education

Inexhaustible Framework

The present educational infrastructures in learning institutions are either approaching full capacity utilization or are becoming over stretched out of capacity. This is because of the rising population and blistering movement of people from place to place.

Teacher to students proportion is virtually being distorted to forcefully make learning a continuant in institutions. This singular approach has made classroom education boring. Meanwhile, the online study infrastructure can’t be stressed out of capacity because it is scalable and robust in design.


Presently, learning management systems hosted online is helping to extirpate pains and stress associated with classroom education. From the comfort of homes, students can login online and attend lecture sessions, perform researches, and communicate with friends and teachers. Studying at convenience is helping to improves mental reception and academic performance of students. Furthermore, online study systems allow students to fully express themselves effectively during class sessions, in what I termed: inclusive participation.

Future education rest on the flexibility online studies offers. This allows for perfect mesh of daily activities with online studies. In the middle of an activity, students can listen to academic videos and audios with playback enhancement for better reception. Going forward, flexibility of online studies encourages career advancement for the working class. It is now easier to get additional certifications through online study while on a job. In addition, flexibility means that time is effectively managed in striking balance between study and job commitments.


It is appalling to say that cost of traditional approaches to education is on an increase yearly. Prevailing economic downturn, unemployment and poverty, means that financial resources at hand will not or may not be sufficient to pursue classroom education. Online education system is an alternative for financial management because only tuition fee in most cases is paid by students. On the other hand, students under four walls study system will not only pay for tuition fee but also have to raise additional finance to cater for transportation, lecture material, accommodation, departmental fees and so on.

Safety of Lives

The outbreak of the global pandemic-covid-19 has given prominence and pertinence to online study system, while drowning classroom study into the abyss. Globally, the focus in the academic sphere is on securing lives from the contagious malady- covid-19, so that learning can take place progressively without interruption. The online study system is now thriving as a worthy alternative to classroom study methods; as a way of bridging the gap between safety of lives and learning.

Digital Inclusion of Africans

The digital world is helping to make things happen at the snap of the finger. Education which was never given a second thought in the past in Africa, is now attracting full attention because of the level grounds developed using the internet. The online study system holds the future to Africa education because it is encouraging full participation of Africans in the global digital circle.

Secondly, Africans are now comfortably matching their counterparts in other continent academically, using the online system of study.

The dynamism of life has influenced learning approaches. Traditional methods of acquiring education that worked in the past, are no longer as fitting for the present, with the advent of the internet. Without any ado, potentials of the digital age can substantially be harnessed using online study systems. This is because the future belongs to the internet.


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