7 fail-proof successful business tips to stay ahead for decades


Business is an art that deals with people. It is more than owning a space or selling items. You can have the best product but that doesn’t mean you have a successful business. To ensure that you have a successful business, you need all the successful business tips you can get.

Characteristics of a Successful Business

The dream of every business owner is to run a successful business. A business cannot be called successful if it doesn’t show the characteristics of a successful business. These characteristics include:


One of the major characteristics of a successful business is that such a business makes as much profit as possible. A business is not a non-profit organization and as such making a profit is a critical characteristic of a successful business.

Sticking to the Business Values

A business was started on the foundation of some specific values. These values are the bases of what keeps

The lesson is straightforward knowing your customer.

The truth is it is the same bus on the same road. They all have a common skill, which is driving, but what makes them different is the passengers they carry. These people know when to inflate prices and when to reduce it. Some are even passing by the same bus stop as you are going but won’t take you because they know the destination they would like to carry.

Even though they are faced with enormous challenges that range from bad road to touts on the road to law enforcement agents. The list of their challenges is never ending. Yet in this unprecedented list of challenges they still do what they know how to do.

Keep moving.

The moral of the story is to pick one or two lessons from them and put them in the way you run your business.

Stay Gallant in the face in the face of challenges

There will always be an excuse not to do the right thing as it pertain to business but as the transporters do stay strong in the face of every adversity that comes your way in the running of your business. In a conty like Nigeria running a business is a very difficult task but like the transporters do, face every challenge head on.

Yes, we all know that running a business in a country that is not doing much to make your business survive might sound like fighting for your life. However, pick a leaf from the transporters and let each day be a fresh start to keep moving. Face the challenges as they come but don’t make the mistake of letting go.

Learn to pick your workers wisely

Stop bringing in every body that seems to be genuinely interested in your business to your business table. Most especially startup owners, because you cannot afford a professional does not mean everybody that is interested in your business is welcome to the decision making front. Learn to work with those that are willing to work with you.

Some of these drivers already have conductors they work with for reasons best known to them. They have substitute on ground for when things don’t go as planned. Notice the ones that don’t have conductors just because somebody decides to hitchhike their vehicle, it does not make them turn that individual to their conductor.

Know your customer

Stop keeping grudges with hose people you advertised to and they didn’t take you up on your offer. Become the Lagos transporter that after they appeal to you to board their vehicle and you decline, they move on. Not everybody will patronize you. However, you have to keep improving at what you do and your client base will sky rocket in no time.
Running a business entails many things but being consumer oriented is paramount.

Understand whom exactly your audience is and always male provision for them.

Running a business is hectic but the joy of succeeding at your business beats the stress you put into it. To be successful at anything , there is a need to learn, relearn and unlearn. The lessons above miht just be the saving grace for your business.

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