Snail meat is one of the most consume after beef, chicken and others, currently millions of Nigerians depends on snail meat especially the senior citizens because it is nitrous, it doesn’t have fat like beef, chicken and other meat.



Snail farming is a profitable farming business currently because the demand rate is increasing everyday, a lot Nigerians are already in the business already, if you are interested in snail farming, then you need to read this blog post to the end, so that you can start your own snail farming business in 2021.





Business Plan


Business Plan is very important for all business including snail farming, you need to hire expert in the snail farming business to help you to create an accurate business plan. You can find snail farming expert on online or around you, if you know anyone that is running a successful snail farming business.


 Species Of Snail To Farm


It is very important to choose the right snail to farm, there numerous research that shows that Achatina achatina is the best snail species to farm in Nigeria and other African countries because it is the best for African climate, if you farm another snail species it may not grow like Achatina achatina.



Farmland For Housing


Farmland is very important when it comes snail farming business, make sure you choose a good farmland with good soil that will be friendly with your snail, make sure you make use of a farmland that consist of loamy soil, snail like loamy soil because it hold water for long periods compare to other types of soil.



Build a snail friendly farm for your snail, make sure your farm is always cool, plant tree to stop the sun from your farm, hot weather is not healthy for the growth of snail.



Snail Sourcing


Make sure you source your snail from snail farmers because they know the Achatina achatina and other species, although some individuals buy their snail from the market.




Snail feeding is simple and less expensive compare to other animals, snail is a vegetarian, you can give them wide varieties of foods to eat mango,

paw-paw, cucumber, banana, eggplant, pear, tomato ,cassava, okra leaves and more, you can even give them cooked food like rice, beans, yam, potatoes, and more, make sure salt is not in the cooked food.



The management aspect is very important, if you want your snail to grow and make huge profit, always feed your snail, either in the day or night, feed them properly.


Make sure they are well protected in their house, always keep your snail farm cool. Make sure your snail is mature before you started selling.


Sell And Marketing

You can sell your snail in your local market, you can make use of the social media to sell far places, if you want to make more profit. With fifty thousand naira you can start a small snail farming in 2021 and grow big within short time, it is very important to find a mentor in the snail farming business if you want to be successful without losing money first.