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Do you know what it means to be shattered, battered and scattered?

When I mean to be shattered, battered and scattered, I am talking about been at the lowest point of your life emotionally. Some people make seem like it is a situation that you will never find yourself but let me humor you, I have been there. This is not something to cajole you or a line I have rehearsed for the fun of it; it is something I have actually experienced.

Let me tell you what brought me to this point.

Have you ever been at a point when you wanted something badly only to realize that you can’t get for reasons you don’t even know. Why should criteria not be clear and specific enough so you don’t put your hopes so high. Why should you want something so badly and reality only sets in when it gets to the last minute.

I applied for commonwealth scholarship and unfortunately I was not part of the nominees or reserved nominees. When I took the leap and applied I already knew that the possibility of me getting the scholarship was almost inexistent but I still applied under the pretext that I could just be lucky but who puts themselves up for such a depressive feeling of rejection if not me. How could I even have applied for something that had only two slots to the school was supposed to attend. I am not the only Nigerian that would apply neither do I have an exceptional bachelors. Yes, it is good to be highly optimistic but sometimes you have to open your eyes to the reality of every circumstance.

Depression is real! It can happen to anybody but don’t let that anybody be you


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