It’s easy to fall in love but holding that relationship to last is always a problem.

In order to have a long-lasting relationship that is healthy, you will have to first and foremost believe that every relationship is not a bed of roses infact roses have thorns too. so that obviously shows you that everything won’t be Rosy and shiny. So here are the reasons why relationships don’t reach the promise Land!

Trust issues: This is the biggest thing that breaks a relationship. If you struggle to trust your partner when he or she hasn’t done anything for you not to trust him or her then you need to dig very deep and find the source of your mistrust. In most cases, it began from their first relationship or the second or sometimes because of bad experiences with an ex. All these are normal but don’t let it overcome your sense of judgement or reasoning.

Communication issues: This is another big relationship destroyer. Communication is key in a relationship, you must learn to always talk to your partner when you do not like something, when he/she offends you and what your plans are. Learn to communicate with your partner, don’t hold things in.

EGO: “I can’t approach him/her first” ” I will never go to him first”. All these is an example of ego and it’s one of the reasons why relationships fail nowadays.Learn to always put each other first, learn to say sorry when you are at fault, learn to approach your partner first even if he/she didn’t do it first; it doesn’t mean you are a fool. It shows how matured you are in handling a relationship.

Non-acceptance: It’s not possible that the two of you will have the same character and traits. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a match made in heaven.If you don’t like some particular traits in your partner, all you have to do is talk to him (communication) and see if it’s something that can be changed because there are some traits that no matter what you do you can never change it for example, your partner loves eating cereal with orange juice. If you discover that it’s something that he has been doing since childhood then there is a big probability that he will never change it and so it’s now left to you whether you want to accept it or not. Sometimes, relationship is also about understanding and acceptance.

No Contentment: Comparing your partner to someone else is very bad. Some relationships are cursed to the ground now because one of the partner isn’t contented. It’s majorly on the money aspect and beauty; there will always be alot of richer people everyday and there will always be alot of Beau every blessed day- know this and know peace.

Relationship is not a fairytale story. Happy ending is not gained easily. There are hurdles in a relationship and only if you cross those dark bridges will you be able to reach the promised land.