I realized recently that lots of people has started the end of year countdown. You know how people don’t just only count for themselves but they also remind how many days to the end of the year. Let’s say it got to me too.

In church yesterday, I realized that it remains just twenty days for 2021 to be over. That singular realization was a huge dampener on my high spirits. I felt like I had wasted the year and did nothing tangible. You know the feeling of remembering everything you set out to do before the middle of the year and then all of a sudden you realized it seems you didn’t even start.

You know last year, we all had the covid to blame for all our actions and inactions. Let me give you the game changer for my mood yesterday.

I was at my church Christmas carol when I stumbled on the story of Funke Opeke and that really lifted my spirits. Before you ask who she is, read about her here….

I don’t want to bore you with her humble beginnings but I just want to say that she sealed that Equinix acquisition of her company, MainOne cable company just less than a week ago when some people were already giving up on what the year has to offer. The acquisition is valued at 134.70 billion naira. You can read all about it here.

This could be you too but you have given up already when you still have about nineteen more days to go. Watch out for my series on 12 things I am grateful for in the year 2021!!!

Only you can say it’s over!!!!

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