Towards the ending of a particular year, people set goals in which they desire to achieve in the new year.
Fortunately, some set like ten goals for the new year and get them right before the year runs out.

Wow! Good for you.
Unfortunately, many have no result to show for their set goals.
Well, that’s not the end of your life.
Recently I realised that it is not too late to achieve anything, if only you will pay for the sacrifice.
It will be rigorous though, but I’m sure you’ll derive your happiness in your success.
Let see these three points which can help you achieve your set goals even when you think it’s too late.

1) Take your mind off your incompetence.

As human, we beat ourselves up at some point, we discover that we are not making certain moves as we ought.

You see, victims who serves as a source of motivation to you didn’t get their over night. Only that, they refused to stay in the place of their flaws, rather get things figured out and move on to the next height.

What am I saying?

You will make mistakes, but you must not let it take over you, rather you keep the ball rolling; make something happen in spite of the challenges.
So, it is very possible to have your goals achieved again if only you will work more and overlook your limitations; build strength and capacity for success.

“The hard way is the way” Femi otedola
Don’t be tired to get the best.

2)Take words from your mentor

I was in a meeting early last year, and the speaker said “I’m not sure you’re ready to have the best result in what you do, without a mentor(I.e Someone you look up to be like, even more than)”.

Not complications, that is the truth!.

A mentor is there to direct and guild you towards achieving a particular goal, and to help you get it right in a better way via his or her experience shared.

He or she helps you not to repeat certain mistakes that can affect your journey to success.
So, no matter how enomorous and hard your set goals can present itself, when you learn from the right and experienced person, it serves as a manual for you to get things right and better.

Stand up today and be a mentee to one leader which is in alignment with your purpose, and see your unachievable goals as an achievable one.

3) Take Risk for it

“Life will not give you what you deserve, rather what you’re desperate for”

Nothing good will look like it at first, but your hardwork and consistency can prove it wrong: refuse to give up, until you’re processed and fit for the glorification.

That you were unable to achieve the goal dosn’t validates that you ‘can’t or will’ not achieve it. The message is just; press more, give all it takes and stand as champion.

See, fear will always reveal your faults and weakness, never will it unveil an iota of your strength. So therefore, get the lions heart, fear nothing.

” Go for the impossible, with the mind of possibility”

As far as it is clear to you, go for it and never desire the less of it.

Take risk to rock.
Take risk to rise.

“The world is for those who are innovative in their thinking” Aliko dangote



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